Wellness Mentor

Christy Little

Christy is a professional dancer and wellness mentor. Her career has given her the opportunity to perform nationally and internationally in many facets, allowing travel to become one of her favorite indulgences. She has spent over a decade aligned in her true spirit on stages, directing, choreographing, teaching, and aiming to be a positive light for all who dream.

In addition to her creative side, Christy now is integrating in her roster her insights in the health and wellness field. She aims to educate others on the power of both mindset and the physical and mental benefits of proper nutrition. Christy believes optimal health must include a well mind, not just a well body, and they must go hand in hand.


Overcoming a life of anxiety and severe panic attacks allowed her to come to this realization, which she now wants to be an example of. While guiding individuals to find their best nutritional solutions, she also wants to be an example of what inner peace can bring to one’s life. To learn more about Christy, her story, and what she can offer, visit thedancingoptimist.com. 


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