Success Coach & Best Selling Author

Jen Ryan

Jen is an Amazon International best‐selling author and a Certified Professional Success Coach with three decades of business experience in the corporate world and as an accomplished entrepreneur.

Jen first teaches female entrepreneurs how to gain clarity so they can align their core values, beliefs, and goals. Then, the strategies and action plans needed for success can truly come to fruition.

She is known for her “no victims allowed” attitude, which helps her clients take their power back and own their truth and victories while defining their own rules and version of success. This comes from finding herself on her yoga mat days after her own world was turned upside down.

Jen realized she had to meet herself where she was, in that moment, because her Type‐A, “get it done and nothing is ever good enough” attitude left her in constant state of self‐judgment and inner conflict. This ultimately led her to actually give her power away. It was only when she was forced with the decision to face it or succumb to the defeat that she chose to take her power back.

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