Best-Selling Author

Roseanney Liu

Roseanney is the best‐selling author behind You Did WHAT Now?! (2017) and How to Survive Elementary School (2017). Her third book, Badassery 101: Ten Secrets to Be Boss of Your Life, was released July 2018. Besides fourteen years of speaker about self0confidence, networking, and independent the Confident English‐language teaching experience to foreign students, she is also a publishing, and she helps teach the college market and associations how to show up to pursue goals with method, resourcefulness, and passion.


She’s been featured in Our South Bay magazine, Readers’ Favorite, plus on numerous podcasts such as Parent Pump Radio, A Lott of Help, and It’s Talk Time. An avid mountain hiker and traveler, Roseanney lives in Redondo Beach, California with her family. You can learn more at

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