Success Coach, Best Selling Author, Speaker, Trainer

Rosita Szatkowska

Rosita is a online success coach, who works with millennials desiring to be happy and confident. She also encourages women to live courageously and comparison‐free, and to pursue their goals. In her teens, Rosita found herself homeless and addicted to drugs. She realized there was more to life and her past experiences did not define her. Armed with her positive mindset, confidence, courage, and a strong work ethic, Rosita was hired into an entry‐level position within a Fortune 500 company. She quickly rose to become one of the youngest store directors in the company.
After successfully managing multi‐million‐dollar store operations, she obtained a position in corporate management. Rosita found a greater purpose in helping others succeed. She inspires them to get “un‐stuck” and gain self‐confidence. This enables them to live the life they desire, regardless of background or circumstances. She holds her clients accountable for themselves and discourages hiding behind facades. Rosita is a true optimist, leader, millennial, and entrepreneur. She considers it her mission in life to inspire other lives she touches to “go for it” and live their life now, enabling her clients to create their life dreams one day at a time.

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