Clarity & Success Coach

Shawn Henson

Shawn is a Clarity and Success coach who helps entrepreneurs leverage their inborn gifts, to “stand out” and create a hook that magnetizes clients. Helping women reach success, despite extreme challenges, is nothing new to Shawn. She helped high‐ risk women achieve life and career goals, during her 9‐5 career supporting women in poverty. She now speaks domestically and internationally on the topic of “Life and Business Transformation.”

Despite her professional success helping women overcome adversity, her own adult daughter sadly would not accept her help. She lived a nightmare, as her daughter made a series of detrimental life choices leading to the loss of custody and parental rights to her children. Shawn retired from her twenty‐plus‐year career to adopt and be available to her youngest three children (bio‐grandkids).

Single mom to four with a unique family dynamic, she is featured in the book, Amazing Moms: Parents of the 21st Century by Dr. Elise Cohen‐Ho and Hogan Hilling (Oprah‐approved author). She attributes: “faith and “taking the next right step” (one of her go‐to mantras) as her key to staying mentally strong when life goes topsy‐turvy.

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