Freedom Life Coach & Mindset Maven

Susanna Kashiemer

Susanna is lit up by seeing people transform their pain and limited thinking to shifting mindsets and living out their greatest destiny! Her mission in life is to be a voice and light, communicating truths from a unique perspective that results in this transformative freedom.

Susanna is a Freedom Life Coach and Mindset maven, seer, musician, speaker and writer. Having studied personal development, spirituality, inner healing, and purpose for decades, she also has added degrees in vocal performance and communication, media, and psychology. Her background is lush with creative performance—as a professional singer, vocal coach, actress, and model. She is called to make an impact thru media (books, music, film, social media and more) to upgrade the consciousness of those who are ready to wake up, shine and change the world thru the transformative change they experience within.

Her most amazing work unfolds daily in three little handsome world‐changers, who are her delight! She can be found somewhere between having funk dance parties in her house of high‐octane boys, depositing life‐grounding truths for them in lots of heart‐to‐hearts, or connecting with other creative, soulful, powerful women in person and through her website at

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