Transformational Coach

Vitale Buford

Vitale is a transformational coach and change agent with a gift for helping both individuals and organizations take intentional action toward massive change. She has a very specific process she takes audiences through that involves Awareness, Perspective, and Action. Vitale works with 1:1 clients, corporate management teams, and entire organizations to bring a holistic awareness to how we can all take action today to start living our best life.
Along with her professional coaching certification through iPEC (Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching) and ten‐plus years of corporate experience and coaching, she has also massively transformed her own life. She fought through both a ten‐year addiction to prescription drugs and an eating disorder. The most important lesson she learned during that journey is that you have to get intentionally uncomfortable in order to create true and lasting change in your life. Now she loves her full life with her vibrant son, snuggly lover of a dog, and a high‐impact morning workout whenever possible. Discover your best life with Vitale at

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